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Northern Charm Farm Testimonials

Hear it from our Customers

I was gifted one of the Northern Charm Farm bars of soap. I love the smell of lavender and how soft the soap leaves my hands feeling. I have very sensitive skin and this soap does not bother my skin at all.


I have never used this kind of soap before....I tried the honey oatmeal and I'm in love wonderful natural scent and gentle exfoliation is great for my sensitive skin! I cant wait to try more!


Their soap saved my daughters eczema skin.... thank you!


I have never been a fan of homemade soap. But this is different, it smells wonderful and clean (I have orange) and leaves you feeling clean but moisturized. I love my soap from northern charm farms and can’t wait to add some summer scents!!


I'm in love with the soap it makes you feel so soft and refreshed no soap scum feeling its a must have!


Love the soap! Leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. It feels totally different than body wash in such a good way!


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