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These dryer balls are handcrafted from high quality alpaca fleece and are a great natural way to reduce static and dry time. For best results, use 2-3 for small/medium loads and 6 for larger loads to save up to 25% of your drying time!

The fiber of alpaca fleece wicks water from your garments, and adding a few dryer balls will help separate clothing as they dry. The result is less dry time and lower energy bills. As the dryer balls tumble they also soften fabric, eliminating the need for dryer sheets which further reduces costs and waste!


Got allergies? No problem!  Alpaca fleece is naturally lanolin and chemical free, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Pair these with cloth diapers for a Eco-Friendly and sensitive option for your newborn!


These are high-quality products that can last years. Simply keep them in the dryer at all times. 

Dryer balls are sold unscented. Feel free to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to provide a scented dry option. Reach out to us if you're intrested in purchasing any of your favorite scents from our soap and cosmetic products!


Weight = Approximately 2.5 oz per ball

Alpaca Fleece Dryer Ball

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